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Cattle Listings

Calves & Yearlings
Good quality, vaccinated and ready for their next phase. Pre-conditioning is available.

Replacement Heifers
Our Specialty! We offer a consistent inventory of fancy and easy to handle bred heifers or ready for breeding.

Ranch Cows
These are Good smooth calf raisers,3 to 6 years of age. Bred cows and pairs that are ready for your program.

Steady supply of gentle and Range Ready bulls, registered or commercial breeders.

Delivery is available for large or small groups of all classes of cattle.

In 2006, a unique opportunity presented itself, and Monk Cattle Company gladly joined hands with The Cattle Range, the leader in internet marketing of cattle. Cattle auctions have their place, and have helped to lay the foundation of the cattle industry we see today. As with any great invention or idea of the last century, it is constantly being improved. The world wide web has found its place in the modern day Cattlemen's life. Cattle that are bought and sold in the country, means less stress for you and your commodity. The number of buyers for your cattle grows exponentially, and can span from East coast to West coast, just as the horizons broaden for those searching for cattle as well. As a representative of The Cattle Range, Chad will market your cattle in a contemporary, proven, and cost effective way. We want to meet your needs, whether you are buying or selling. 

Click the link below or call anytime for current cattle inventory and market reports. 


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