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About Us

Like many other lifers in the Cattle Industry, Chad W. Monk was raised on a cattle company in Central Texas, that was established by his grandfather H.O. Monk and great uncle J.D. Monk in 1936. These two brothers began railing and order-buying cattle, on to operating their family owned auction markets from 1965 to 1987. 

With much momentum built up by the time Chad was born, the rich passion for backgrounding and marketing livestock had him hooked. Working side by side, day after day with his father and grandfather, he never took his eyes from his surroundings. He had become a key tool for the industry. Directly to the order-buying circuit in 1986, Chad was hired by Vann-Roach Cattle Company in Fort Worth Texas. This would be one of many unique opportunities. 

For seven years he would be buying, selling, sorting, shaping and processing loads of cattle, helping to satisfy customers throughout the United States. With many times in life feeling like that he had to be in the business - but now only thankful,realizing and understanding why he "gets" to be in the business.

In the meantime, and five generations later in life, Chad has been able to contribute to the Beef Industry on many levels with his family by his side. His wife Diane of 30 years and their three children, whom all have become integral assets of the business. 

Since the birth of Monk Cattle Company we have injected countless numbers of cattle into the various veins of the ever growing and ever changing industry, and since the birth of the industry itself, many of the tools have changed. What was once dust blowing across the prairie following a string of northbound steers, has now turned into black smoke slow rolling out of the stacks of a cow truck, and what used to be a wet and wrinkled postcard carried for days to be delivered is now a quick email or text. But one thing has always remained the same: the handshake. A handshake means the same thing today as it did in 1936 when the first one took place. It's a contract. 

Monk Cattle Company prides itself, not just in saying that there is no deal too big, but also that there is no deal too small. The cattle industry is the one industry that will outlive all others, and Monk Cattle Company strives to be your source of livestock from stocker calves to the calf raisers, three head to three hundred. After all, we're one big family. 

Monk Cattle Company 
doing business the way grandpa did... only different

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